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Notes from an OT practitioner

Hello friends!

It’s been awhile! I would apologize, but I just feel like I should say that I had great intentions to post on a regular schedule, but creativity and true OT passion, just doesn’t fit into that. And also, I’m still adjusting to working as an OT practitioner every day.

And can I just say how much I LOVE it!! Because I do! Each day is a new day, even if I see the same patients every day, every day is a new day to problem solve, try new things, and new challenges in what their goals are. Because, they are all people, so each day is different, each days goals are different, and health care is well…health care! So each day is new, each patient is new each day, and I think there is truly something good and God-like to be said about that.

So here’s what’s exciting guys! I got to have a collaborative session with an AMAZING OT, mom, and friend named Danielle. She’s so great on instagram as where she shares all her knowledge about early intervention and advocating for all children in all stages! She’s been practicing as an OT for 20 years and I learned a ton!

But you know what else, she learned from me! I currently work with older adults, a population that Danielle does not get to work with all the time, so while I got so share some of my health care struggles and she got to share some of her struggles, our core values are the same. To be the best we can be, to advocate for the best care for our clients and to continue to learn and grow.

And I shared with her my dream for this blog, to share how OT can fit inside the church. Because it does. Because not only are we all loved, we all desire to be able to fit into the space in whatever form we take. Everyone deserves to know their wheelchair will fit through the doors, that a handicap bathroom stall with actually be handicap accessible, where they don’t to worry about not being able to see the screen, or where a family knows their child will be welcomed and have a safe and quiet space if they need it. I’m really just scratching the surface here, because I’ve been in a lot of churches and worked with a lot of churches in their children’s ministry and I know that we can do better.

I know that as a practicing occupational therapist, I have a voice, a new perspective, and a call to help the outcast and the lonely find refuge. Isn’t that what Jesus taught? He healed the sick, made the blind man see, and sought out all those who were looked over.

That’s what I want to do. To be a voice, to advocate, and to bring a prespective to the church about who we are missing because they deserve to know they have a safe space. They deserve to know that they are actually welcomed and not just “fit in” to this 100 year old building with a jank elevator and 1 bathroom stall. Everyone deserves a safe space. Everyone deserves to be loved.

So here I am, shouting the worth for all the people with different abilities, different thoughts, different ideas, and all the people who feel like they are alone. I want to show them they are not alone and can count on me to be a voice in a big scary world called church.

And for all my church folks out there, I’m not saying the way we have been doing things is wrong, I’m just here to bring into light the ways where we could better serve our neighbors. I’m here to educate on what an ADA standards are, to help you know some questions to ask if a family member says “they are coming back with a wheelchair” or “my child just got diagnosed with ___(fill in the blank) how can they fit in Sunday school? What space do you have that could be quiet?” And so much more.

I’m here to help, that’s my biggest drive. And if all I get is this one blog to share it, that’s it. But what I’m dreaming of….oh man, the places I will go, the people I will impact, and the love that will be shared.

You’re not a new grad anymore OT friend,

Lauren OTR/L



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  1. I loved this post! When I went to visit a mosque in Morocco, we were told that the women and children are to climb the stairs, through a side entrance, to get to the second floor to pray. There is so much in all settings, cultural practices and environmental set ups we can be supporting a meaningful occupation such as faith, spirituality or healing! Great thoughts to get the conversation going and to recruit more OTs to pay attention to their meaningful spaces to fill in the gaps


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