My privilege

How can I, as a white, middle-class, privileged female, respond to what is happening in our world to friends in the African American community? How can I respond to all those minorities who feel scared, discouraged, and afraid for their lives, each and every day in ways I cannot even begin to fathom. I have […]

Holy Week

Happy Sunday friends! It’s a different week in the life of the church. For those of you who are either not of the Christian faith tradition, or who don’t follow any faith tradition at all, I thought I would say what this week is and how it’s different worshiping from home than being at church […]

New Beginnings

I started at an occupational therapy (OT) job this week!! I am working PRN (which stands for as needed) at one skilled nursing facility and accepted a full time job at another skilled nursing facility near by. And my husband passed his district interview to move him on towards the process of commissioning/ordination. (For those […]

Making room

I just finished this book by Heather Avis called Scoot over and make some room. Her first book is called The Lucky Few. Her first book describes their adoption journey. All of her children are adopted, two with Down’s Syndrome, and one who is ethnically different than she and her husband. Give this lovely family […]

Why OT?

Occupational therapy (OT), not to be confused with Old Testament (my husband’s seminary friends will appreciate that one!). I began this journey to become an OT when I was a freshman in college…just trying to figure out what career path to take. I’m a total science nerd, so I knew that I wanted something involved […]

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